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in memory of

Michael J. Iafrate

in the words of Jocelyn, his wife

 "He was a marvel and a mystic and he was just too beautifully complex for this world."

     LCVC lost a friend and ardent supporter this week. On Wednesday May12, 2021 Michael J. Iafrate went on "to discover the Great Mystery."

     Michael was a singer-songwriter, theologian, co-coordinator of Catholic Committee of Appalachia and most importantly, husband to Jocelyn and father to Hazel (12), Izzi (2.5), and Cecelia (9 months). He was a gentle and loving man but also one who spoke out eloquently for peace, reform, and justice. 


I’ve never met anybody who loved the church and its message

of love, justice, and resurrection,

and at the same time hated its flaws — clericalism, corruption, sexism — more than Michael.

                                 John W. Miller


     In the early days of LCVC, Michael, living in Wheeling at the time, was instrumental in our formation and beginning steps; his meeting attendance and correspondence helped us get started on the right foot. After moving to Lowell, OH, Michael continued his support.


     Michael became ill with a rare form of leukemia, received successfully a bone marrow transplant, but became seriously ill from the chemotherapy and passed away from complications to his liver and a brain hemorrhage.

     We cannot imagine the world without his peaceful, powerful, passionate, presence.    

     We commend Michael, Jocelyn, and his three beautiful daughters to our prayers.

a go fund me page has been collecting donations

    for the family he leaves behind

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