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press timeline 


August 14, 2018 Pennsylvania Grand Jury Report released

PDF of Interim Redacted Report and Responses

August 14, 2018 Report reveals widespread sexual abuse by over 300 priests in PA


September 13, 2018 Michael J. Bransfield retires

September 15, 2018 Archbishop Lori forms investigative team 

Dominion Post

December 5, 2018 Can Baltimore's archbishop bring accountability to West Virginia's Catholic Church

Baltimore Sun Vincent DeGeorge

January 26, 2019 LCVC first prayer meeting for survivors of clergy sexual abuse

Dominion Post

March 12, 2019 Archbishop Lori announces preliminary investigation completed and will be forwarded to the Vatican 


May 18, 2019 LCVC first listening session

June 5, 2019    $350,000 in cash gifts

Washington Post Michelle Boorstein, Shawn Boburg and Robert O'Harrow Jr.

June 5, 2019 Archbishop Lori writes letter to the faithful of the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston

DWC/Lori letter to the faithful

June 6, 2019 Archbishop Lori issues letter on Bishop Bransfield investigation

National Catholic Reporter

June 12, 2019 first letter to Archbishop Lori with over 800 signatures

June 13, 2019 Lay Catholic group sends letter to Archbishop calling for change after Wheeling-Charleston Diocese scandals

Dominion Post

June 14, 2019 LCVC petition gains signatures; state AG’s lawsuit against diocese progresses

Dominion Post

June 14, 2019 Alleged sex abuse and greed

Dominion Post, Three Catholic Voices 

June 28, 2019 LCVC waiting for a response to our first letter to Archbishop Lori 


July 9, 2019 after no response was received

LCVC's open letter to Archbishop Lori promising to withhold donations 


July 11, 2019 letter calling for "Not A Dime" for DWC seeking financial transparency

Dominion Post

July 17, 2019 DWC agrees to three of LCVC demands

Washington Post

July 17, 2019

LCVC  suspends "Not A Dime" campaign

July 19, 2019 West Virginia diocese agrees to audit

National Catholic Reporter

July 23, 2019 naming of new bishop, Msg. Annie to Retire

Dominion Post

July 24, 2019 LCVC responds to Bishop Brennan's appointment to DWC

Dominion Post

October 31, 2019 Bishop Brennan working on plan for Bransfield to make amends

Dominion Post


November 26, 2019 Bishop Brennan unveils proposed amends plan for Bransfield

Dominion Post

November 27, 2019 LCVC responds to amends

Wheeling Intelligencer

December 23, 2019  Washington Post publishes the redacted Bransfield Report

Washington Post, By Shawn Boburg, Robert O'Harrow Jr. and Michelle Boorstein

December 24, 2019 highlights of Washington Post Bransfield report

Dominion Post

January 25, 2020 Prayer Service

Dominion Post

February 21, 2020 for the first time in the history of the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston

publishes its financial audit for fiscal year 2019

March 12, 2020 Lay Catholic Voices for Change presses DWC for action on Bransfield 

 National Catholic Reporter, Peter Feuerherd

August 20, 2020 DWC statement on how former Wheeling-Charleston Bishop Michael J. Bransfield should fulfill 

Pope Francis’ requirement that the Bishop “make personal amends for some of the harm he caused” while serving in this Diocese

August 20, 2020  Bransfield's 'apology' letter

WTOV 9 Fox

August 24, 2020 Ex-Bishop Michael Bransfield’s ‘creepy’ behavior detailed

Wierton Daily Times

August 26, 2020 Response by victim vgd to Bransfield's statements on abuse and reconciliation


August 26, 2020 Bransfield accuser issues statement on Bransfield's apology letter

Dominion Post

September 11, 2020 LCVC and ACT Letter to Bishop Brennan in Response to Amends

Dominion Post

October 4, 2020 Bishop Brennan dismisses Bransfield apology

Dominion Post

February 4, 2021 Diocese Increases Role of Laity through Diocesan Pastoral Council

DWC letter

February 4, 2021 Brennan, DWC announce reestablishment of diocesan council of lay members


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